How to integrate Appointedd with Bambuser

Learn how to connect with Bambuser in 5 steps to allow your customers to book 1:1 meetings with you, hosted on your website via Bambuser.

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🌍 Overview

Bambuser is a state-of-the-art live video shopping technology company. The powerful, yet easy-to-use live video shopping platform that allows your customers to shop instantly in-stream.

Bambuser integrates with your e-commerce platform and provides a branded experience to create a smooth, well-rounded customer journey. Read more about how Bambuser can enable you to deepen your connection with your customers here.

🧐 What does the Appointedd and Bambuser integration do?

Via the integration between Appointedd and Bambuser, your customers are able to book 1:1, virtual, shoppable appointments through Appointedd, hosted on your website via Bambuser.

When a customer books, a unique joining URL is included in the confirmation and reminder email as part of the body of the email. Agents can join from their Bambuser dashboard.

This means you won't miss any customers, even if you don't have agents available for instant live video calls.

βš™οΈ How to connect Appointedd & Bambuser in 5 steps

Step 1: Configure your Appointedd account


  • API Key - Go to your Connect tab > Setup an API connection > Generate API secret > Back to settings > Copy the API key and send to your Bambuser contact person.

  • Appointedd Organization ID - You will need to send your Appointedd Organization ID to Bambuser contact person. You can get this ID by contacting Appointedd customer service.

If you're new to Appointedd, you can find a collection of helpful articles here on how to get start with Appointedd.

In order to utilise the Appointedd and Bambuser integration, we recommend configured the below as a minimum:

  1. Create a resource: resources are what your Bambuser agents are going to connect to. Therefore in the context of Bambuser we recommend that you have one resource per agent.

  2. Create a service: services are what your customers will book, for example "Virtual Consultation". For each service, you need to assign resources that can provide the service. Appointedd will manage the availability and make sure that when customers book a service, the meeting is assigned to one of the available resources assigned to that service.

  3. Configure your booking page, popover or embedded widget: you can adjust these to suit your brand or existing website and then add them to your website and/or promote your new online booking tools.

Step 2: Customize the automated communications your customers receive


  • Joining URL - To include the unique Bambuser link to start the live stream in emails your customers receive, you'll need to include the joining URL.

You can set this up easily by utilizing the advanced communication feature of Appointedd. We recommend including the joining URL in the confirmation, modification & reminder emails.

Once you have the advanced communications turned on, adjust the content as you'd like, making sure to add the joining URL. The joining URL follows this format:


If you're uncertain what this URL is for your business, please reach out to your Bambuser contact.

Here's an example of what the advanced template could look like. Feel free to copy and paste this content to help you get started:

<p>Hi {{customer_firstname}},</p>
<p>Thank you for booking:</p>
<p>{{service_name}} | {{booking_start_time | date: "DDD, t"}} {{booking_timezone_abbreviation}}</p>

<p>Access your meeting through the following link:<br>

<p>If you wish to cancel this booking, {{ booking_cancellation_url | link:"click here" }}</p>
<p>All timezones referenced in this email are in the {{customer_booking_timezone_full}} timezone.</p>

Based on the above example, customers would receive their confirmations like so:

Step 3 (optional): Create automated reminder communications for your agents

Your agents will be able to start the virtual meetings from their Bambuser dashboard, but you can setup automated reminder emails so they can join the calls from there too.


  • Agent joining URL - To send reminder emails to your agents, you need the agent joining URL which follows this format:{{booking_id}}

If you're uncertain what this URL is for your business, please reach out to your Bambuser contact.

Step 4: Sync Appointedd bookings into Bambuser

In order to ensure that all bookings created in your Appointedd account appear in your Bambuser dashboard, you'll need to set up webhooks in Appointedd.

You can learn more about how to set these up here but for this connection specifically, you need to create:

  • booking_created

  • booking_updated

  • booking_cancelled

  1. In your Appointedd account go to Connect > Create webhooks > Click Add webhook

  2. Name the webhook to make it easily identifiable e.g. "Bambuser - Bookings created"

  3. Select webhook trigger which will be booking_created , booking_updated and booking_cancelled (you'll need to do one at a time)

  4. Under URL, add the Bambuser API endpoint according to the documentation here - if you're uncertain about this, please get in touch with your Bambuser contact

  5. Then add the authorization header > Custom Header > and type in Authorization

  6. You need to add the API key to the authentication token you have received from your Bambuser contact which should look something like: Token acbauhauehvourshgwhgwvh

Please note: You must type in Token exactly this way... token or TOKEN will not work.

Once complete for all three webhooks, your webhook page should look this like:

Step 5: Link a Bambuser Agent to an Appointedd resource

Lastly, your Bambuser Agent(s) will need to be connected to their corresponding Appointedd resource. There are two ways to do this:

  1. via the resource picker

  2. via plain text field

Option 1: resource picker

For this option, you will need to send an Appointedd API key to your Bambuser contact. You can find your Appointedd API key in your Appointedd account under the Connect > Set up an API connection.

Follow the below steps to enable the resource picker:

  1. Share your Appointedd API key with your Bambuser contact

  2. The Bambuser contact will activate the resource picker for your dashboard

  3. After activation, Agents can now go and pick their Appointedd Resource on their profile page in Bambuser Dashboard

Option 2: text field

The Appointedd resource ID can be found by navigating to the resource record under Setup > Manage resources > View info. The ID will be visible in the page URL - for example, in the below image the resource ID is 603e2289b30e0420317d96a4:

Once you've got the Appointedd resource ID, you can ask your users to login to their Bambuser dashboard > go to their profile settings > enter their Appointedd resource ID in the calendar field:

If you want to check out Bambuser's guide, you can do so here.

Integration complete! πŸŽ‰

Now, your customers are able to book virtual appointments through Appointedd, hosted on your website via Bambuser.

We would love to hear any feedback πŸ‘‚

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