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How to use promo codes

Find out how to use promo codes within Appointedd

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πŸ‘€ Overview

With Appointedd discount/promo code functionality, businesses can create, manage, and use promo codes within their system.

Once set up in Appointedd and distributed to your customers, these codes can be applied during the booking flow to lower the price of your service(s).

This feature allows you to:

  • run promotions to reach more customers and increase your revenue such as introductory offers or referral incentives;

  • offer multiple price points but for the same service (eg. corporate and direct customer pricing);

  • encourage re-booking and customer loyalty;

  • run early bird promotions to fill up your calendar quicker;

  • help your customer care team to delight customers by offering special promos.

❗️Please note: In order to use the Promo code feature, first of all, you'll need to connect to one of our payment providers. Click here to learn more.

πŸ’Έ How to use promo codes

Using promo codes is easy for your customers and end users. When you have created and activated discount codes they will be applied to your booking flows of services through the booking page and widgets.

Here is how a discount code flow will look for your customers:

Please Note: if the promo code is not working, the code may be, incorrect, expired or reached it's usage limit.

βš™οΈ How to create promo codes

Once you have your payment provider connected to your Appointedd account, you will see the Promo code management screen.

To begin making your own promo codes head over to Booking tools > Manage promo codes. Once here select the Add new promo code button.

You'll be able to customize the following settings for each promo code:

Promo name - This will be the name of your promo code, for example if you were having a deal for the summer you might want to call it "Summer savings". This won't be the code your users will input in the booking flow.

Redeemable code - You can create the code you want your users to enter during the booking flow.

Discount value - Here you can specify if the promo removes a flat amount or a percentage of the service price.

Duration - Specify when the promotion begins and ends or if you would like it to run indefinitely. You will be able to pause or remove codes in the management section.

Total number of codes available - Set the number of times your promo code can be used.

Limit uses per customer - Set the number of times a promo code can be used by individual customers.

Select services - You can specify which services can be affected by this promo code.

Please note: You can't have 2 codes share the same name.

πŸ”¨ Managing your promo codes

On this page you will be able to view all promo codes. You'll also be able to activate and deactivate the codes from this screen using the on/off toggle.

Basic information about the promo code will be also viewable here such as: Name, Value, Code, Number of times redeemed and expiry date (if applicable).

If you wish to edit or look at the statistics of a promo code then click on the pencil (edit) and the chart (stats).

πŸ“ Promo code reports

Promo code functionality also includes reporting feature to allow you to see stats and information about how your promo codes are performing.


Still have unanswered questions ? Check out our FAQ in case they are answered there.

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