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How to view stats for your promo codes
How to view stats for your promo codes

Learn more about how to understand the performance of your promo codes

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🌍 Overview

Team Appointedd is happy to announce that users will be soon able to create and manage their promo codes within Appointedd.

Once set up within Appointedd, you can distribute promo codes to your customers to redeem monetary or percentage discounts on the services you offer.

These are perfect for special promotions to attract more customers and increase revenue for your business.

🧐 Terminology

Promo codes will also come with a reporting feature to allow you to see stats and information about how your promo codes are performing.

This image shows the promo codes report screen and some of the information you can see here is:

Promo code name & redeemable code - This is the name given to the promotion and the code users will use when trying to redeem the promo.

Discount value - This is the amount the promo codes will remove, percentage(%) or flat amount(Β£).

Duration - Detailing the time that this specific code is valid to be used.

Number of services assigned - This is the number of services that the code is eligible to be used on.

Total number of codes available - The amount of times this promo code can be used by all customers.

Uses per customer - This is the amount of times any individual customer can reuse the promo code.

Codes used - Amount of times the promo code has been used.

Codes remaining - This is the amount of promo codes left to be redeemed by customers.

If you would like to start creating your own promo codes for your business please follow our guide here to get started.

Still have unanswered questions? Check out our FAQ in case they are answered there.

We would love to hear any feedback πŸ‘‚

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