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Add a BCC email address to receive all automated customer communication emails
Add a BCC email address to receive all automated customer communication emails

Our BCC feature allows adding email address(es) to your account to receive automated customer communication emails to a centralised inbox

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Often businesses need to have an audit trail of all automated emails sent to their customers and have the ability to view them all from one or more centralised inboxes.

In order to facilitate this, Appointedd has introduced a new feature which allows users to add additional email addresses to their accounts, which will receive all automated emails sent to the customers via Appointedd.

βš™οΈ How to add a BCC email address

The BCC email feature is an account wide setting, which means that all automated email communications sent to customers via Appointedd will also be sent to the BCC email address(es).

Please note: In order to strengthen security and prevent any phishing activity, Appointedd has introduced a verification method, which only allows verified emailed addresses to receive copies of automated customer communications.

To set up your BCC email addresses, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on to the Email and SMS tab and select Manage email confirmations;

2. Scroll to the Email BCC section and flick the toggle to ON. To add more email addresses click +Add button.

3. In a pop-up, enter the email address and click to add.

4. The newly added BCC email address owner will then receive an invitation to their inbox, which will prompt them to click on a link in the email to verify their email address.

Please make sure to check both your email inbox and your spam folder to find the invitation.

Initially the status will say Pending and will change to Approved as soon as the link in the email is clicked to verify the email address. If this invitation needs to be resent, simply click on Resend.

5. If an email address is no longer required to receive automated copies of customer communications, you can remove this email address by click on the Delete button.

πŸ“© What customer communications are sent to the BCC email addresses?

All automated emails that have been sent via Appointedd to the customers will be sent to the BCC'd email addresses, too. These include:

  • Confirmation emails (such as when a booking is confirmed, modified, cancelled etc);

  • Reminders and follow-ups.

❗️ Please note any direct message emails would not be sent to the BCC'd emails.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it πŸ‘‚

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