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FAQ - Removal of outdated CRM fields
FAQ - Removal of outdated CRM fields

Appointedd has removed some additional outdated CRM fields - learn more about what this means to you

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Appointedd has done some tidying up to remove some outdated additional CRM fields (such as Gender or Twitter username) to give our users more power to control what information is collected and stored against the customers on their CRM pages.

Not only does this make your CRM pages look cleaner, but it also gives you full control on what fields appear in your Appointedd CRM. These new fields can be created using our CRM custom field functionality.

We understand that you may feel curious about how this change affects your account further, so we've collated a quick FAQ guide to answer any questions you may have.

I had some data stored in the fields that have been removed, what will happen to that data?

Don't worry - you won't lose any customer data. Where applicable, we've created some CRM fields on your behalf where this data has been migrated to. The names of these new fields will also match the original field names to avoid any confusion.

These fields have been hidden externally and marked as optional by default, meaning your customer will not be able to see them when making a booking via your external booking tools.

The newly created CRM fields will only appear on the booking flow if a booking is being created internally (from within your account), but since these have been marked as non-required by default, you will still be able to complete the booking without having answered them.

Appointedd migrated the data from the outdated fields to new CRM fields, but I no longer need them, can I delete them?

Absolutely. The custom CRM field functionality is there for you to manage and control whichever way works for your business.

To delete your custom CRM fields, simply follow this guide.

Appointedd migrated the data from the outdated fields to new CRM fields, but I'd rather adjust the name, can I edit it?

โ—๏ธ Editing the field name will hide any data stored under the original field name. You can always rename it back to its original name to see the values on the customer page.

However, if you wish to keep the current data stored within each custom field, we'd recommend not changing the field names.

I had some Appointedd marketing campaigns set based on the removed fields, what can I expect to happen to my campaigns?

We've taken care of this, too. Instead using the outdated fields as audience filters, it will simply adopt the new CRM fields that have been created on your behalf.

Please reach out to our support team via our in-app messenger if you have any further questions.

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