What is a microsite and where can I find it?

A microsite is a standalone web page that allows you to take online bookings, describe your business, and display photos. When you sign up to Appointedd, we give you your own business microsite.

You can find your business microsite by going to Booking tools > Go to the business microsite.

See microsite example below:

How can I send my microsite to clients?

Your microsite is automatically generated for you and can be used if you don't have your own website or if you want to keep your booking tools separate from your website.

Grab your microsite URL link by going to Booking tools > Go to the business microsite and copying the URL on your web browser. The format or your microsite URL will look like:


You can paste your microsite and send to your clients by:

  • Pasting the microsite URL link to your facebook page

  • Pasting the microsite URL link in your email content or signature

Tip time! 🌟 Each resource has their own microsite link. If you wish, they can also copy and paste their microsite link to send to their own clients.

How to edit the URL of your microsite

To edit your microsite go to Booking tools > Microsite settings.

You can edit the name of the URL link by clicking edit next to your URL. If you don't see the edit option, it means the URL has already been changed so cannot be changed again.

How to edit the design of your microsite

You can edit your microsite design from your Microsite settings.

  • Choose whether to show offers.

  • Select a theme for your microsite. The theme that you choose affects the font on your microsite and the shape of the buttons.

  • You can also choose to apply your own colors to whichever theme you choose. Just click set colors and choose the color or enter the hex codes. Remember to save.

  • If you choose to display your business details, you can select which details you want to display. Flip the ON/OFF slider to display your business name, images, contact details, map and opening times.

The opening hours displayed on your microsite can be edited under the Setup tab, click edit opening times. Be sure to save your changes.

How to edit the content of your microsite

The business description, contact information, photos and the banner image on your microsite can be edited from Setup > Edit business profile.

Viewing your microsite in a different language

Your microsite will be presented to your customer in the language of their browser.

Only the automatically generated text will be translated. The text you have entered will remain the same.

Customers can toggle the language using the globe in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

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