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How to manage your resources
How to manage your resources

Create your resources, include them in groups, mark the services which they can complete, set their working hours and more.

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What are resources?

A resource is the person or thing whose time is being booked, so they can be staff members, rooms, equipment... whatever it is that you are booking the time of. Often resources will be the people providing the service. For example, in a salon the resources would be the stylists, as it is their time that the customer is reserving. But resources can be a range of things! In a co-working space the resources will be rooms or desk spaces, in a football club it would be the pitches.

NB If there are other requirements for a service to take place e.g. a piece of equipment, these can be listed as assets.

How to create a resource

  1. To create a resource, go to the Setup tab and click manage resources

  2. Click add resource

  3. Enter the resource's details, add a photo and even assign their favourite colour

  4. Assign the relevant services to this resource

  5. Make sure to click to save changes

  6. Your new resource will now appear in your Appointedd calendar!

How to delete a resource

  1. To delete a resource, go to the Setup tab and click manage resources

  2. Click view info next to the resource

  3. Click delete resource

  4. Click confirm.

Resource working hours

For each of your resources, you can set the days and times at which they are available to be booked. Find out more about Resource Scheduling here.

Resource grouping

Resources can be grouped to allow you to manage your different teams, locations, types of resources etc. By grouping resources, you can offer different booking tools for each of your resource groups. Find out more about grouping your resources.

Sending notifications to your resource when a booking is made or deleted

Resources can be notified when a customer books with them or cancels their booking - this can be set up by following the steps here.

Viewing resource utilization report

You can check how utilized your resource is and explore their capacity by checking their utilization report.

To access this report select View info on the resource and click on View utilization.

More information about resource utilization can be found here.

Resource selection on the booking tools

If you want your customers to be able to select which resource will perform their service, you can offer them this option when they are booking.

You can also allow your customer to choose the resource group which they would like to book with.

You can edit both of these options in your settings:

  • Hove over the booking tools tab

  • Select customize your booking flow from the drop-down menu

  • Turn resource selection and group selection settings on/off.

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