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How to take bookings on your Weebly site with your existing Appointedd account
How to take bookings on your Weebly site with your existing Appointedd account

Appointedd integrates directly with Weebly, allowing you to simply drag and drop the Appointedd booking widget onto any part of your site.

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If you already have an Appointedd account

Wait, I don't yet have an Appointedd account - check out this guide instead.

To start taking bookings from your Weebly website, you first need to create an account with Weebly. You can do that here, and they will guide you through the process of creating your website.

When logged in to your Weebly account, click edit site to enter the website builder:

  • Create an Appointedd booking widget (you'll find a guide here) and copy the HTML snippet. 

  • On your Weebly website builder, scroll the elements on the left of your screen to find embed code.

  • Drag and drop the embed code element onto your Weebly page.

  • Paste the HTML snippet from Appointedd into the module/element you have just placed on Weebly. 

Customize your Appointedd booking widget

You can make changes to the appearance of your booking widget in Appointedd (you'll find a guide here), which will then automatically reflect on your Weebly website.

⭐️ Top tip

If you wish to generate reports from your bookings widgets, its best to create your booking widget in Appointedd first before embedding them to your Weebly page. With the booking widget report, you can determine how many bookings were made from each of your booking widgets, the value of those bookings and which of your booking widgets is bringing you the most business. You can find more information on reports here.

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