How to notify your resources of a new booking with them

With Appointedd, you can choose to send email notifications to resources when they are booked for a service.

  • Hover over your business and click resources 
  • Click view info 
  • Click edit resource 
  • Enter the resource's email address
  • Flip the switch to send resource booking confirmation emails
  • Click save changes

This will now send notifications to your resources whenever they are booked.

Top tip: ensure that your resources are aware of new bookings immediately by marking the email sender as VIP and turning on VIP notifications on mobile. To be notified of booking confirmation emails on iOS:

  • Tap on the email sender in the email 
  • Tap add to VIP 
  • Go to your device settings
  • Tap notifications 
  • Tap mail 
  • Tap the slider to allow notifications
  • Tap VIP 
  • Amend your setting to show notifications on lock screen and when unlocked. 
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