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Send a calendar event to your customer's external calendar
Send a calendar event to your customer's external calendar

Include a calendar event file in confirmation emails to customers and resources to have their external calendar reflect the booking.

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🧐 What is a calendar event?

A calendar event is the reflection of a customer's booking in their external calendar e.g. Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Exchange etc.

Through Appointedd, customers are sent calendar events in confirmation emails they receive when a booking is made, modified, or canceled. To be sure that the customer receives them, you should make sure that ics is turned on in your email confirmation settings.

When a customer receives a confirmation email from Appointedd, it will contain an .ics file, which looks like so:

Upon receiving an email confirming a new booking, the event will be added to the customer's calendar. Similarly, when they receive an email notifying them of their booking being modified or cancelled, this will be sent in the email and reflected on their calendar event.

As shown above, there are the options of yes, maybe and no. This is not referring to the attendance of the booking but rather allowing the event to show in the customer's external calendar or not. However to ensure there is no confusion, we predefine the option to yes so that it automatically shows in their calendar.

Please note however that it is up to the email client (Gmail, Outlook, iCloud etc) to decide how they render any user interface, so some clients may still be able to view the options of maybe and no even though it is already confirmed and in their calendar.

This functionality ensures fewer no shows by displaying the booking alongside the customer's other commitments.

πŸ“† Does a calendar event show in the customer's external calendar for recurring bookings?

An .ics file (calendar invite) will be sent for the first booking in a set of recurring booking, but none for the following.

πŸ–ŒοΈ How do I amend the setting?

By default, the .ics file sends to customers with booking confirmations. If you prefer not to include the calendar file in the confirmation email, you can turn it off in your settings:

  • Hover over the Email & SMS tab and select Manage email confirmations

  • Scroll down until you see Customer calendar events

  • Flip the slider to OFF.

Note: this setting also amends the events sent to the resource (see below).

πŸ“¨ Sending an event to a resource

To include bookings in a resource's calendar, the best thing to do is to sync the resource's calendar with their external calendar. Find a guide on this here. If the resource's calendar is synced, they will not receive an event in the email confirmation as this will be automatically added to their calendar via the sync.

If the resource on the booking has not synced their own external calendar to Appointedd, then they will receive an ics event in their booking confirmation, just as the customer receives one.

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