To ensure that the email communications sent from your account are clearly from you and your brand, you can set the send-from name and email address (see this guide), customize the content of the emails (see this guide), and add your own html header and footer to the emails sent from your account. 

By adding html headers and footers to your emails, you can not only customize the header and footer themselves, but also manipulate the content between them e.g. applying center-alignment, setting the font etc. 

Please note: adding HTML footers and headers require some coding knowledge or access to a developer - we are unfortunately unable to build the HTML code for you.

However, please feel free to check out these helpful guides:

  • Hover over the communications tab and click emails

  • Scroll to header and footer and click edit header or edit footer

  • Click on the box and enter the html

  • Click save email.

You can also choose to send the email to yourself to see the effect of the header/footer before saving. Click send test email. This test email will send to the email address of the user you are logged in as.

Top tip: Your custom  html header and footer will then appear in all email communications that you send to your clients via Appointedd through campaigns, notifications etc.

You can generate an HTML header or footer by saving an image as HTML in photoshop and similar programs. Or, host it on an online platform that allows you to generate and then copy and paste the image’s HTML.

If you were looking to add images to your email communications, please check out this guide.

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