A booking has been made for a service with occupancy of more than one, it is in your bookings screen, there are spaces available but customers are unable to join the booking - why can’t they book on? Follow this guide to identify what's preventing customers from joining the booking. 

Do you have Online Booking Enabled on the booking?

Find the booking in the calendar and click on it. To allow customers to join this booking, the online booking slider must be on/green.

The online booking status of this booking can be changed manually but the booking is added to the calendar according to the settings of the service. 

If you always wish available spaces to be bookable for bookings for a service, you should ensure that online group booking is turned on for that service to apply this to all bookings you make for this service in the future: 

  • Go to your business and services 
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the service
  • Show advanced settings
  • Turn Online Group Bookings to ON.

Having Online Group Bookings turned ON means that multiple parties can join a booking slot until maximum occupancy is reached. A booking with online group bookings on is also called an open group booking - see more about them here.

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