To add a booking directly to your calendar, head to your Calendar tab in the top left or click + Add new booking in the top right:

  • Select the service

  • Select a duration and resource (if applicable)

  • Select the date and time of the booking (note that bookings cannot be made for a time in the past)

  • Click Next

  • If an existing customer, click Search existing customers... and type the customer's name to find and select them

  • If a new customer, click Create new customer

  • Click Add note + to add any notes to the booking for each customer

  • Click Create booking to add the booking to the calendar.

What to do if you cannot make a booking

If you're unable to make a booking, it will be because an aspect in the setup of your account prevents it. Can the resource selected perform that service? Is the time available in your custom schedule?

This troubleshooting guide will help you to identify what it preventing you from making the booking.

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