There are many settings which feed into your booking availability offered to your customers. This guide will take you through the variables so you can identify which one is preventing you from making a booking.

Resource working hours:

  • Do the resource working hours match the times you would like to be available?

  • Are there recurring breaks in place of a time you would like to be available?

  • Does the resource have a day off?

  • Does the resource have an exception to their working hours which contradicts when you would like to be available?

You can understand more about resources working hours here.

Service availability:

  • Are you within the required notice period for the service when trying to make a booking? If you require 30 minutes notice for a booking, you cannot book any sooner.

  • Does the duration of the service fit with the resource working hours? If your service takes two hours to complete and is available at 4pm, your resources working hours can't finish at 5pm. They need to be extended to 6pm.

  • Is the permission of your service set to online booking or online request?

  • Is the service allocated to the correct resource?

  • If you have set up an asset for the service, is it available at this point in time?

  • Have you set up a buffer which is taking up the time you would like to make bookable?

  • If you are using the custom schedule, have you inputted the correct times? Double check the AM and PM mark, as the custom schedule is not in the 24 hour clock.

  • Does the custom schedule coincide with your resource working hours? If your custom schedule is available 9.00am - 10.00am, but your resource working hours doesn't start until 11.00am, you'll need to adjust the working hours.

  • Are your Calendar Interval Increments (under Business Settings) set to a compatible value with your start times? If, for example, you are offering a session at 9.15am - 10.00am your calendar interval increments will need to be set to 15 minutes.

  • Have you accidentally clicked on unavailable times to add onto the custom schedule, rather than available times?

You can understand more about custom schedules here.

Online booking settings and policies:

  • Are customers allowed to make bookings with you through your booking tools? Double check this is turned on.

  • Are you making the booking within the required notice period? If you require 30 minutes notice for a booking, you cannot book any sooner.

  • Are you trying to book the service too far in advance? Double check your "block availability after" setting.

  • Are your increments displayed in availability set up to align with your services? For example if your increments are set to show on the hour, a service will not be available at the half or quarter past.

You can understand more about booking settings here.

Calendar sync:

  • Do you have an external calendar event blocking your availability? You need to delete the external calendar event for it to bookable in Appointedd, or make sure you allow bookings to be made over an “available” external calendar event.

You can understand more about the calendar sync here.

Capacity flex:

  • Do you have capacity flex turned on? If so it may be blocking your availability, as if you have reached maximum capacity across all of your resources and services then no further spaces can be filled.

You can learn more about capacity flex here.

If after checking through this list your availability is still not showing as expected please get in touch with our support team at

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