There are two ways in which you can edit, reschedule and cancel bookings: 

  • Click on the booking and select Edit booking

  • Drag-and-drop to modify a booking:

To reschedule a booking, click on the booking and drag-and-drop up or down to the desired time. Please note you'll need to be viewing your calendar in weekly format.

To change the duration of a booking, click and hold the double line at the bottom of the booking and drag up or down

To move the booking to another resource, click on the booking and drag-and-drop left or right to the desired resource. Please note that you'll need to be viewing the calendar in daily format.

How to turn off drag and drop functionality

If you are managing Appointedd on a touch screen you may find it more efficient to turn off drag-and-drop so that you don't accidentally move bookings when navigating the system.

You can do so by going to the Your business tab and selecting Business settings. From there you can choose to Allow drag and drop in calendar or not. Please note this setting is defaulted on.

Customers using Appointedd with either Eposnow or Square POS may find this particularly helpful on a daily basis.

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