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How to identify if a customer has paid for a booking
How to identify if a customer has paid for a booking

Learn how to identify in your Appointedd account whether the customer has made payment for their booking.

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There are two ways you can identify if a booking has been paid for:

  • When a customer pays for a service, we notify you immediately with a payment confirmation email

  • By clicking on a booking in the Appointedd calendar you can view the payment status of the booking. If there is one customer you will see their booking status Paid, Partially paid or Not paid on the Details tab. If there are multiple customers on the booking, you'll see each of their payment statuses by clicking on the booking and then clicking the Customers tab. 

Click on a payment status to see all payments and pending payments which the customer has against this booking. From here, you can also issue refunds. See full details on how to make refunds in this guide

You can view your full payment history from the Connect to a payment gateway page under the Connect tab. 

Please note that to take payment for bookings made online, you will need to integrate with one of our payment processors; Stripe, or Square. 

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