How to manage a booking with multiple tiers

View, edit, delete and manage the price(s) on a booking for a multi-tiered services within your Appointedd account.

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Find out more about what multi-tiered services are and how to create them here.ย 

๐Ÿ‘€ How multi-tiered bookings are viewed

You can view a booking with multiple tiers on your calendar alongside all other bookings. To view all the booking details click on the booking:

  • On the Details tab, you can find all details which are the same across all customers on the booking e.g. the date and time, the location etc.ย 

  • On the Customers tab, you can view all the customers on the booking alongside the number of spaces they booked and the price associated with them:

โš’๏ธ How to manage the price paid by customers

On the Customers tab, you can click on the price next to the customer's name to see the tier (VIP Experience) and the spaces which the customer has booked. You can also change the spaces (which will automatically amend the total price) or change the price directly. Be sure to click Save to confirm changes. This only applies to the selected customer and doesn't affect any others, present or future.ย 

You can also offer a discount by changing the price of the tier in the service settings. This can be useful if you wish to offer early bird discount tickets for those who book before a selected time. Customers that have booked before you have made the change will pay the original price with all future bookings being charged the new price.ย 

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