Whether you would like your customer to pay for their appointment at the time of booking, at a later date, or a deposit, Appointedd allows you to do so.

First, integrate with a payment processor

Appointedd can integrate with Stripe or Square.

How to set the payment required for each service

For each of your services, you can choose what level of payment is required. This can be a percentage deposit or full payment.

  • Hover over the Setup tab and select Manage services

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the service

  • Select wether you would like the Payment to be paid in full or as a deposit

  • Save service

How to take payment when a booking is made internally

When a booking is made internally i.e. not through your customer-facing booking tools, you can send a payment request by email to the customer. This can be done by following the booking flow internally and the upon reaching the end a checkbox will appear to send the customer a payment email where they will be directed to pay for the booking.

Please Note this will only appear if you have connected a payment provider.

How to issue a refund

When a booking is canceled by your business or by the customer, we leave the control with you to issue any refund. You can make a full or partial refund for any payment by clicking on the payment in Appointedd. Find full details to issuing refunds here.

How to view the past/pending payments

A full record of all of the past/pending payments can be found in your payment history. Find the payment history under your Connect tab > Connect to a payment gateway > View payment history.

You can quickly view the bookings for which payment is pending (i.e. a payment request has been sent but not paid) from the agenda view. See more about the agenda view here.

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