You can change the name and email address that your automatic and direct messages are sent from within Appointedd, whether that be emails or SMS.

Steps to change the send from details

  • Hover over the Setup tab and select Edit business profile

  • Scroll down to communication details

  • To change the email address that emails are sent from, input your email address into the field called send-from email address. Please note this shouldn't be a yahoo email.

  • To change the name that emails come from please input your preferred name into the send-from name for emails field.

  • To change the name that appears on SMS text messages please input your preferred name into send-from name for SMS.

If you would prefer communications to send from the resource on that booking please take a look at this guide.

Please note: If you input an email address which has a personal domain, for example, please authenticate your domain to increase your delivery rate on emails. You can read more on authenticating your domain here.

if customers reply to the send from email address from the confirmation email, the email will go to that address inbox.

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