Turn off drag and drop in the calendar screen

When you are logged into Appointedd, if you would like to move a booking to another time, another resource or extend or shorten the time you can do so by dragging and dropping the booking. Learn more about drag and drop here.

However if you are using Appointedd on a touch screen you may accidentally move a booking when navigating around the screen. To stop this from happening you can turn off drag and drop by going to Setup > Edit business settings and flip the toggle:

Defaulting your calendar screen to agenda view

You can view your Appointedd calendar in either daily, weekly or agenda view. If you are using Appointedd on a touch screen we advise defaulting your calendar settings to agenda so that you can scroll through your bookings in order rather than displaying your calendar by date. You can apply this setting by going to Setup > Edit business settings:

Appointedd mobile app

If you would like to access your bookings whilst on the move, we would recommend downloading our mobile app instead of logging in through a browser on your device. The reason for this is the app is built to work well with mobile and allows you to see your bookings without having full access to all of your settings. You can read more about our mobile app here on iOS here and android here.

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