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How to send QR codes in email communications

Using Appointedd's advanced communication functionality and Google charts API you can send QR codes in email communications.

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Update 19/7/2024: Google Charts have deprecated their QR code API. The Appointedd team is working hard to find an alternative solution to allow businesses to generate dynamic QR codes in the communications.

How to use communications to send static QR codes in your email communications ๐Ÿ“ฉ

If you would like to send the same QR code to every customer that books with you, then you need to create a static link and input it into the content of your email. You can do so using our standard communication functionality which you can learn all about here.

Here is an example of an email which is directing a customer to a URL which will generate a QR code which then opens the Appointedd website:

The Appointedd team will soon update this article to include steps on how to generate dynamic QR codes for each customer.

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