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How to send email content that is specific to the service the customer has booked
How to send email content that is specific to the service the customer has booked

Learn how to send different confirmation content depending on what service the customer has booked.

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πŸ‘‹ Introduction

If you offer many different services to your customers for them to book from, you may wish to communicate different information depending on what service they have booked.

You can now do this with Appointedd's advanced communication functionality. The reason that this requires our advanced communication feature, is because in order to send different content we need to make the content dynamic depending on what the customer selects.

You can learn all about advanced communications here.

πŸ–ŒοΈ Writing service specific content

To ensure that the right content is sent for the service that the customer has booked, we use if statements. This read as if the service is X, then send this content. If the service is Y, then send this content. This means that within the code editor, we include all the content that we want to send for all services.

In order to code an if statement, we write:

{%if service_id == "Insert service ID" %}

Add content

{%end if %}

You can get the ID for the service that you would like to type content for by going to your business and selecting services. Click on the pencil icon next to the service that you would like to get the ID for, and once you are in the editor you will find the ID in the browser. An example service ID would look like this: 579..................57f.

Here is an example code editor that includes the content for my three different services:

If I then book the first service, my email confirmation will only include the content which is relevant to me:

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