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How to register for A2P 10DLC
How to register for A2P 10DLC

US mobile carriers require specific registration for each business sending A2P SMS messages. Learn how to register via Appointedd.

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What is A2P 10dlc?

A2P 10DLC refers to a system in the United States that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers.

What is happening?

In early 2022, US mobile carriers require specific registration for each business sending A2P SMS messages. This registration can happen via your own SMS provider - Twilio.

Non-registered businesses will not be able to send SMS to US mobile numbers.

Read more about your options here.

How to get registered

Appointedd has an integration withTwilio to send SMS - you will only need to have an account and register with Twilio.

  1. Sign up for a Twilio account - it doesn't take longer than 5 minutes.

  2. Collate details needed to get registered - more on this below

  3. Launch A2P 10DLC registration - you can do this here.

  4. The registration is generally processed within a week with either provider

  5. Once you have access to Appointedd's native integration, you can follow this link to learn how to connect your SMS provider with Appointedd.

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What is needed to get registered for A2P 10DLC?

To apply to be registered, you will need to supply your chosen SMS provider Twilio with the necessary information and fee.


The costs to register for A2P 10DLC will include a potential one-off fee to the provider to process your registration, a one-time campaign activation fee to the carriers, and the first annual subscription fee for 10DLC.

  • Read more about pricing on Twilio's website here and about the process here.

In order to actually send SMS, you will also need to pay for the number of SMS messages you send - this is generally a small fee per SMS sent

  • Twilio's pricing structure here - (generally less than $0.0400 per SMS).

You will need the below information collated in order to register.

Legal company name

The official (legal) name of your business

DBA (Doing Business As) or Brand name

If brand name is different from legal name

Country of registration

Country where your business is registered

Tax ID/Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Companies based outside the US should provide a business identification number for their country

Website URL

URL of your company website

Company address

Physical address of your company

Type of company

Individual • Private Company • Publicly Traded Company • Charity or Non-Profit Organisation

If public company: stock symbol

If public company: stock exchange

Business Vertical

Agriculture • Communication and Mass Media • Construction and Materials • Education • Energy and Utilities • Entertainment • Financial • Gambling Lottery • Government • Healthcare • Hospitality and Travel • Insurance • Manufacturing • Non-Government Organization (NGO) • Real Estate • Retail • Information Technology

Contact details

Name, email, and mobile number for a representative

Campaign brief

Use case

Standard: 2FA • Account Notifications • Customer Care • Delivery Notifications • Fraud Alert Messaging • Higher Education • Marketing • Polling and Voting • Public Service Announcement • Security Alert • Demo Accounts Special: Carrier Exemptions • Charity • Conversational Messaging • Sweepstakes • Emergency • Social • Political

Campaign name

Campaign description

How will you use the 10DLC?

Sample message

A maximum of 5 samples can be provided

Campaign attributes - Subscriber opt-in Y/N

Are you collecting and processing consumers opt-in? For most informational alerts and promotional SMS programs, the end-user must give express permission before a business sends them a text message. End-users may give permission over text, on a form, on a website, verbally, or with written permission. You may be requested to provide proof of opt-in mechanism.

Campaign attributes - Subscriber opt-out Y/N

Are you collecting and processing consumers opt-out? For most use cases, businesses must ensure that end-users have the ability to opt-out of receiving messages at any time. It can be supported via different mechanisms, including phone calls, email, or text. Example: end-user replies with keyword STOP to unsubscribe. Then, the content provider sends a final message to confirm that the end-user was unsubscribed and no further messages will be sent. You may be requested to provide proof of the opt-out mechanism.

Campaign attributes - Subscriber help Y/N

Have you implemented message reply providing consumers on how they can contact the content provider for customer care? Example: end-user replies with HELP for support. Customer care requires a toll-free number or email. You may be requested to provide proof of help mechanism.

Campaign attributes - Embedded link Y/N

Is there a URL in your message content? Public URL shorteners are not accepted.

Campaign attributes - Embedded phone Y/N

Are you using a phone number within your messages other than the required HELP contact phone number?

Campaign attributes - Number pooling Y/N

Are you using multiple 10DLC instead of a single number?

Campaign attributes - Age gated Y/N

For age-gated content. Example: an end-user is asked to put in their date of birth or otherwise represent their age before subscribing to an age-restricted messaging program. Please note that Messaging programs with SHAFT content (sex, hate speech, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco) are not allowed on any carrier network.

Campaign attributes - Direct lending Y/N

Is it related to money lending or loan arrangements?

Campaign attributes - Affiliate marketing Y/N

Is affiliate marketing being used or has it been used in the construction of this messaging program?

Associated 10DLC for your use case

You will have this number once you set up your Twilio account.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it 👂

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