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Frequently Asked Questions: Promo codes
Frequently Asked Questions: Promo codes

This article is filled with the most common questions that are asked about promo codes.

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Team Appointedd is happy to announce that users will be soon able to create and manage their promo codes within Appointedd.

Once set up within Appointedd, you can distribute promo codes via various channels to your customers so that they may redeem them for a (%) or (ยฃ) off services you offer.

These are perfect for special promotions to attract more customers and increase revenue for your business.

Can Appointedd randomly generate codes for me?

No, currently we do not offer this function.

How many promo codes can be used during a booking?

Customers are currently limited to using 1 promo code per booking.

Will my promo code be valid across all my Appointedd accounts ?

No. If you'd like the promo code to be applicable across all your Appointedd accounts, we recommend setting up the promo code in each account.

What happens if a promo code reduces the price of a service to 0?

When a service amount reaches 0 after a promo code is used, no payment will be required. An invoice will be still generated and a confirmation email will be sent to the customer as usual.

When a booking is made how will I know if the customer used a promo code?

When you click on a booking in your Appointedd account, check the payment section. Here the promo code used will be shown, along with the amount that the customer has paid.

If you would like to start creating your own promo codes for your business please follow our guide here to get started.

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