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How to set up conditional booking questions
How to set up conditional booking questions

Conditional booking questions allow you to create custom follow up questions that are based on the user's response to the initial question.

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๐ŸŒ Overview

This functionality is a great way to improve your customer booking journey by tailoring your content to be more relevant to your customers. Conditional booking questions allows you to control which booking questions show depending on the answer selected for a previous question.

To set up conditional questions, you'll need to set an initial trigger question. Then, once your conditional questions are set, they will appear in the booking questions part of the booking flow below the trigger question.

You can set up unlimited conditional questions, one level deep, meaning that one answer can trigger multiple questions. But, conditional questions cannot trigger further conditional questions.

The trigger booking question is limited to checkbox and dropdown types of questions, but you can choose any type of question for the conditional question. This is because there needs to be a specific set response to trigger the conditional follow up questions.

๐Ÿ‘€ How do customers see conditional questions

When you have conditional questions set up on your account, they will pull through to your booking flow when the end-user is making a booking.

As soon as a trigger question is answered with your chosen condition (answer), they will be prompted to answer the conditional questions, too.

Once the questions are answered and the customer confirms the booking, you can then view them from within your Appointedd account.

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ How to set it up?

Conditional booking questions can be set up in the booking questions settings.

Go to the Booking tools tab -> Customize your booking flow -> Booking questions.

Click on the the +Add a question button, a window will pop up where you can fill in the type of question, content, and general settings of the booking question.

In this case, you would select Dropdown or Checkbox as your type and fill out the rest of the details as required. At the bottom you will see an option to add conditional questions:

Once clicked, it will provide some options to add your conditional booking question settings. Here, you can select which condition (answer) will trigger a conditional question and select the type of this question.

You can also add more conditional questions with the relevant settings:

Click save questions once all all conditional questions are added.

๐Ÿง How can I view the answers?

If a booking has only one participant, you will be able to see the answers on the booking from your calendar view by selecting โ€˜Viewโ€™ next to the Questions section.

If a booking has multiple participants, click on the booking and the select Customers tab. Then click the three dots next to the specific customer and select โ€˜View booking questionsโ€™.

Once itโ€™s clicked, you will be able to review all the answers in the booking questions pop-up window:

โ—๏ธPlease note, just like any standard booking questions, the follow-up question answers will be visible to all users on all permission levels with an ability to edit them.

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