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Changes to Appointedd SMS requirements for sending texts to the UK numbers
Changes to Appointedd SMS requirements for sending texts to the UK numbers

Registration is required for anyone using Appointedd SMS to send texts to UK numbers

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πŸ‘€ What is happening?

From June 12th, 2023, MessageBird will start BLOCKING all NEW unregistered SMS Sender IDs going to the United Kingdom. This means that some carriers in the UK are beginning to block non-registered businesses from sending SMS on their network. More information on MessageBird changes can be found here.

❗️ Therefore, as of 27/02/2024, Appointedd SMS has been deprecated, meaning that new connection are no longer available. If you currently have Appointedd SMS enabled, you will still be able to continue using it.

❗️Please also note that Appointedd SMS is not available for those businesses who wish to send texts to US numbers or UK numbers. If you wish to send texts to US or UK numbers, we recommend using Twilio or MessageBird integrations instead.

If you do not currently have Appointedd SMS enabled, but wish to send text messages to your customers, your Appointedd account needs to be connected to an SMS provider either Twilio or MessageBird.

Please note, you can only have one SMS provider connected at a time. If you're already connected to one, but would like to utilise another one, simply disconnect from the existing supplier and connect to the other one.

🧐 What does this mean for you?

Anyone who isn't currently using Appointedd SMS will not be able to access it anymore.

Anyone who currently uses Appointedd SMS (Appointedd SMS are sent via MessageBird) and sends text messages to UK phone numbers will be affected by this MessageBird change. For these users, the SMS functionality to UK mobile numbers will stop working if they're not registered.

πŸ“Œ What can I do?

In order to make sure that your SMS are reaching your customers, you can complete the registration by utilising our native Twilio or MessageBird integrations, which allow you to connect your SMS provider account to your Appointedd account.

πŸ“± What happens to my current Appointedd SMS credits?

If you switch to either MessageBird or Twilio integrations, or wish to stop using SMS functionality altogether, and have unused SMS credits, please get in touch with our support team via the in-app messenger to request a refund.

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