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How to send confirmations for bookings - Email and SMS
How to send confirmations for bookings - Email and SMS

Set emails and SMS to send automatically when bookings are made and edited.

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πŸ“¨ Email confirmation overview

With Appointedd, confirmations can be sent to your customers, your business and your resources when bookings are made and edited. These messages are automated, customizable and can be sent by email free of charge.

This video shows how email confirmations can be enabled:

πŸ“± Sending SMS confirmations

In order to send SMS via Appointedd to your customers/resources/business, you need to connect to an SMS provider and have sufficient text credits. You can connect to your chosen text provider under under Connect > Connect to an SMS provider. You can read more about how to connect & send SMS via Appointedd here.

To enable SMS conifrmations, follow the steps below:

  • Hover over the Email & SMS tab and click Manage email confirmations or Manage SMS confirmations to edit the settings;

  • Flip the slider next to the setting to ON.

πŸ–ŒοΈ How to edit the content of automated confirmations to customers

You can customize the content of your automated confirmations by clicking edit text next to the setting.

There are two types of template formats:

  1. Standard emails and SMS

This will be the default setting. In the standard communication options, some of the content is static (i.e. cannot be changed). Static content is included in a grey box and is indicated by a lock icon. The static content will pull through the relevant details for the booking for which the confirmation is being sent, including the customer name, the service, date, time, price and timezone.

Top tip: Price is only shown in emails if a value is assigned to the booking. If you list the price as free or POA (price on application), price won’t be shown.

The customizable content is in the white box. You can choose the format of email text, include more information about your business and even include hyperlinks! You can customize the emails even further by applying your design and branding to the header and footer using HTML. You'll find a guide on this here.

Please note that a link being clickable in an SMS depends on the phone of the recipient. Most smart phones will show a hyperlink in an SMS as clickable.

2. Advanced communications

To utilise our advanced communications option, you'll need to toggle the Advanced Communications setting to ON within the selected email template page.

Our advanced communication feature will allow you to customize your email fully from start to the end where you can also apply specific rules of what content to show when (for example, different content to show depending on what service or resource are booked).

You can learn more about our advanced communication feature here.

πŸ‘€ How to review messages sent to customers

You can see all of the messages which you have sent to each of your customers in their customer record. Check out this support guide to find out more.

Additionally, if you would rather have all automated customer communication copies sent to a central inbox of your business, you can set it up via our BCC feature.

How to re-send confirmation emails

If you would like to re-send the initial confirmation email sent to the customer, please check out this guide.

βš™οΈ How to set the send-from names

You can set the name and email address which are displayed to the client as the 'sender'. We recommend you use a real email account and an email provider such as Google or Outlook. Check out this guide to set this up.

For SMS communications, you can set the send-from name under Connect > Connect to an SMS provider. The name or number you add here should match what you have configured in your SMS provider account. We also recommend that you use the same send-from for all SMS communications to ensure that texts messages are sent.

πŸ“‘ Automated confirmations to resources

You can choose to notify your resources by email when a booking is made with them:

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Click manage resources

  3. Click view info next to the resource

  4. Click edit resource

  5. Add the email address

  6. Flip the slider to send booking confirmation emails to on (orange).

🏰 Automated confirmations to your business

Your business is notified by email when a customer makes or cancels a booking. You can set the email address(es) which these emails should be sent to in your business profile under the Setup tab.

You are not notified of bookings made or cancelled by users of your account logged in at

You can also choose to be notified when a customer makes or cancels a booking by SMS. Go to Email & SMS and then manage SMS confirmations. From here, you can switch on notifications to your business. These SMS will be sent to the mobile number stored in your business profile under the Setup tab.

Top tip ⭐️

If a customer replies to an SMS communication message, there will be no response. All SMS messages are sent to a no-reply number and your customers will not be notified. If this is important, you can add a message at the bottom of you SMS communications that says "please do not reply".

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