Download the free Appointedd app from the Android store. All you need is an Appointedd account.

Viewing the calendar

Just like in the web app, you are taken to the main calendar screen upon signing in to your account, and it will display the current day’s schedule.

To view a different day, you can use the arrows on either side of the date to scroll through the days. Alternatively, tap on the date itself to bring up the selector. This is a quicker way to view dates that are further away from the current date.

To view the calendar of a different resource, tap on the resource in the right hand corner and this will allow you to select another resource to view.

Making a booking

To make a booking in the Android app, tap on the + in the top right hand corner. This will bring up the options to add a booking or add a break. Click add booking to bring up the next page where you must first select the service you wish to be booked. You can then select the duration, resource and price. To select the date, tap on booking time, then tap the date to bring up the selector.

Once these fields have been selected, you can add additional spaces to the booking by using the arrows to scroll. When adding participants, you can select existing customers from the list displayed, or search for them in the search bar at the top. To add a new customer, tap the + and complete the information fields. 

You can also add notes for each customer by tapping booking notes. Don't forget to tap save in the top right hand corner to add your new booking to the calendar.

To reschedule, cancel, or edit any of the details of a booking, tap on the booking in the calendar to bring up the editor.

Respond to a booking request

To confirm a booking request on mobile, you need only click the confirm or decline button in the email you receive when a request is made. This will send the customer the relevant message and reflect upon the booking in your calendar.

Customer records

To view a customer’s contact details, simply tap on Customers in the menu and select the customer you want to view. From here, you can tap on the contact phone number and call the customer directly from the app.


You can also view resource contact details by tapping on Resources in the menu.

To change the default resource (i.e. the resource that is visible in the calendar on first signing in to the app) tap on More, tap Settings and select your default resource.

Calendar Integration

You can also view your Appointedd bookings in the calendar on your smart phone (Google, iCal, Outlook 365, Microsoft Office, Outlook Exchange) by integrating your resources' schedules with an external calendar. Find out how to integrate your Appointedd calendar with an external calendar.

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