How to set the location of your services

Set a different location for each of your services to be included in the external calendar event of the customer and resource.

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If your services take place in different locations (whether they're physical or online), you can set the location of that service to communicate it to the right people. For example, include your web-meeting URL in your "Remote meeting" service and your office address in your "In-person meeting" service. 

Your default service location

If you do not set a specific service location, the location of the booking will default to your business location. 

The location on the customer's external calendar event will be your business address. You can edit your business address in your account profile:

  • Hover over the Setup menu and select Edit business profile

  • Edit your address under the Business details section

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save to save changes

The location on the resource's external calendar event will be the customer's phone number. 

How to set a location for your service(s)

  • Hover over Setup and select Manage services

  • Click the pencil icon next to a service to edit it

  • Select Basic details

  • Add your service location under the Location field

  • Click Save 

How is the location communicated?

This location will be included in the external calendar event for the resource (as long as the resource has their external calendar connected with Appointedd). 

The location will also be included in the .ics file sent to the customer in their booking confirmation:

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