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How to use booking statuses

Using statuses allows you to monitor the attendance of bookings.

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Applying a status to each booking allows you to report attendance and keep a record of who is at your business premises at any point in time.Β 

The status of a booking will be set to No status as default and requires manual change to either Arrived, Complete or No show.Β 

πŸ”– How to apply a status

When there are multiple customers on a booking, you can mark their individual arrival status by clicking on the Customers tab and selecting the Status from the drop down menu.Β 

β˜… Status icons

Each status has an icon applied to it so that you can view the attendance with ease however if you hover over the booking it will name the status:

  • A tick indicates an arrived status

  • A door with an arrow indicates a complete status

  • A person with an x indicates a no show status

πŸ—‚οΈ Filter bookings by status

You can filter your agenda view by the status of bookings. This allows you to see every booking which was marked as no show, every booking which was completed etc.

  • Select your Calendar tab towards the top left and go to agenda view

  • In the bar on the right you can Filter bookings by... Click Arrival statusΒ 

  • Select/deselect the statuses to choose which booking statuses you wish to view.

You can export these filtered bookings by clicking Export bookings. See more about exporting bookings in agenda view here.

πŸ“ˆ Reporting on the status of a booking

Appointedd's no show status allows you to track and manage your no shows. See more about managing no shows here.

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