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How to create a widget in popover mode
How to create a widget in popover mode

Create a booking tool that is in the form of a book now button for your customers to make bookings online

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A booking widget is a tool that you can use to allow your customers to make bookings with your business.

Allow your customers to access your booking widget wherever they interact with your business, whether that be on your website, social media, emails or SMS.

What does popover mean?

Popover mode means that the booking tool will sit as a book now button, and when a customer clicks on it, the booking widget will appear, as shown below:

How to create a widget in popover mode

  • Firstly click on Booking tools and select Manage booking widgets

  • Click on the Create new widget button

  • Click on Popover mode

  • Name your booking widget - this name is for your labelling purposes and will not show on your booking widget

  • Limit to a category or a service or a service tier - use this option to create booking widgets which offer only a selected category, service, or a tier (service tier filter only available for multi-tier services)

  • Limit to a resource or resource groups - create booking widgets which offer only specific resources

  • Allow resource and group selection- tick the box to allow customers to select the resource that is bookable.

  • Allow customers to make multiple bookings in one transaction- tick this box if you want to give customers the option to book multiple services, or multiple appointments for the same service within one transaction.

  • Click Save widget

To change the colors of your booking widget, click on the color box to choose from the color picker or, if you have specific hex codes, paste or type them into the box below the color picker.

If you would rather use the embed mode, then click here to learn more.

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