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Can I add more than one Zoom account to Appointedd?
Can I add more than one Zoom account to Appointedd?

Allow your whole team to manage their services using Zoom Meetings.

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You may be looking for all of your resources to share one Zoom account and use it at different times, or you may prefer that each resource has their own user account so that they can all use it at the same time. Either way, the Appointedd and Zoom integration has the solution.

Check out this guide for steps to connect your Zoom users with Appointedd resources. 

Recommended - create one Zoom user for each resource you wish to book Zoom Meetings for

When a resource is booked in Appointedd, we recommend that you have a Zoom Meeting created for that resource's user on Zoom. To do this, you should create one Zoom user for each of your Appointedd resources. 

This ensures that your resources can all run Zoom meetings at the same time. 

If you want to connect one Zoom user with multiple resources

If you only have one Zoom user on your Zoom account, you can connect multiple Appointedd resources to that Zoom user. 

However, Zoom only allows a user to run one Zoom Meeting at a time. So if you have two resources connected with the same Zoom user, they will not both be able to take Zoom Meetings at the same time. 

So to ensure that you don't take two bookings in Appointedd at the same time (for services which require Zoom), you should use assets

Use assets to prevent multiple Zoom Meetings being created at once

Assets is a functionality in Appointedd which restricts multiple bookings for set services from being made at the same time. So we can use this to make sure that, if your resources are "sharing" a Zoom user, no more than one booking for services which require Zoom is created at one time.

  • Go to the Setup tab and select Edit assets

  • Create an asset with a name such as "Zoom license"

  • Give it a quantity of 1

  • Select the services for which you'll be using Zoom

  • Save

To find out more about assets, check out this guide

If you would like to learn about how the Appointedd/Zoom integration works you can take a read here. Once you have connected your account you must set the services for which a Zoom Meeting should be created (guide here). 

Our integration supports Zoom Meetings. If you would like to use Zoom Webinars you should follow this guide

If you have any questions on the integration please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team via the 24/7 chat. 

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it 👂

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