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Did you know that your external calendar may contain multiple calendars?
Did you know that your external calendar may contain multiple calendars?

Your external calendar can have multiple calendars within it and so learn how to select the right one when syncing with Appointedd.

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If your calendar account external to Appointedd (Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud etc) has more than one calendar within it, you need to ensure you are selecting the correct one to sync with Appointedd, to ensure that events on that calendar reflect on Appointedd.  

🧐 What do you mean more than one calendar?

Here is an example of a gmail account that has one calendar for business meetings (purple) and the other for calls (orange):

You can view and add calendars here:

Other calendar providers will offer the same, for example here is what it looks like in Outlook: 

⚒️ How to select the correct calendar to sync with Appointedd

  • Firstly go to the Connect menu and select Sync your external calendar

  • Click the orange Connect calendar button

  • You will then be shown the following box where you can choose the resource that the calendar belongs to:

  • Click Sync and choose your calendar provider

  • If you have multiple calendars you should then select the one that you would like to sync with Appointedd

  • Your chosen calendar and Appointedd resource calendar are now synced 

You can learn more about syncing with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange and Office 365 by reading these guides. 

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