What do you need SMS credits for?

You can send your customers a text message when they make a booking with you, when a booking is modified, cancelled, requested and declined. You can also send a reminder and follow up text to reduce no shows and promote repeat custom.

You can set up Appointedd so that it sends your business an SMS when a booking is made or cancelled.

Find out more on how to set up SMS communications and reminders and follow ups.

How many credits do SMS use?

Depending on the length of your SMS message, more than one credit could be used.

One credit gives 160 characters so if the SMS is more than that, you could be charged for more than one credit:

  • Up to 160 characters = 1 credit

  • Between 160 and 320 characters = 2 credits

  • Between 320 and 480 characters = 3 credits etc.

How much do SMS credits cost?

You can purchase an SMS bundle from the billing page in your account.

Please note: you won't be able to purchase SMS credit if you are on the Appointedd trial as this would require your card details.

If you feel like your SMS credits are running out faster than expected, please check out this article.

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