Text messages can be sent when your customers make a booking with you, when a booking is modified, cancelled, requested or declined. They can also be sent as a reminder and/or follow up text to reduce no shows and promote repeat custom.

Find out more on how SMS bundles work.

The amount of credits used depends on the length of your SMS. One credit gives 160 characters, so if the SMS is longer than that, you could be charged for more than one credit:

  • Up to 160 characters = 1 credit

  • Between 160 and 320 characters = 2 credits

  • Between 320 and 480 characters = 3 credits etc.

How to minimise the number of credits your SMS use?

  • Make sure shorten the length of your SMS as much as possible and only keep the most important information.

  • You can choose to use email confirmations as the main form of communication for longer texts, and only use SMS as reminders prior to a customer's booking. Find out more on how to send confirmations for bookings.

  • If you are using the SMS reminders and follow-ups, you have the option to turn on SMS communications for specific services and turn it off for others - make sure only the ones you wish have it enabled.

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