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Why are my SMS running out faster than I expect?
Why are my SMS running out faster than I expect?

This guide explains possible reasons for your SMS credits being used up faster than expected.

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Text messages can be sent when your customers make a booking with you, when a booking is modified, cancelled, requested or declined. They can also be sent as a reminder and/or follow up text to reduce no shows and promote repeat custom.

The amount of credits used depends on the length of your SMS:

Character length

Credit usage

Less than 160 characters

1 credit

Between 160 and 320 characters

2 credits

Between 320 and 480 characters

3 credits etc.

We recommend using the character count tool here. In our system, a text message using...

  • 159 characters = 1 credit

  • 160 characters = 2 credits

  • 319 characters = 2 credits

  • 320 characters = 3 credits

How can I minimise the number of credits I use?

1️⃣ Shorten the length of your SMS as much as possible and only keep the most important information. Use the character count tool to check your total character count.

Can't shorten your text further? E.g. your service names that automatically populate into the text could be too long, so we highly recommend our dynamic comms feature to cut them out, customize, and shorten your texts further.

2️⃣ You can choose to use email confirmations as the main form of communication for longer messages, and only use one SMS as short, snappy reminders prior to appointments. Learn more about sending confirmations here and reminders here.

3️⃣ If you are using SMS reminders and follow-ups, you have the option to turn on SMS communications for specific services. Create SMS reminders for only one or two of your services that have the highest no-show rates.

Check out these SMS examples only using 1 credit:

If viewing on laptop/computer, slide your mouse along to read the examples 😊

Your booking is coming up soon: Consultation | Wednesday, July 31, 2019 | 11:00 AM. Speak soon!
Your booking is nearly here! Wednesday, July 31, 11:00 AM. We look forward to seeing you shortly.
Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. It's coming up soon on Wednesday, July 31, 11:00 AM. Don't be late! Thank you.

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