Advanced communications opens up a whole world of customization and support for multiple languages. If you are interested in sending your customers emails and SMS in their preferred language, or you would like to include specific information and have complete flexibility over your communications, then this advanced feature has all the tricks ๐Ÿคนโ€โ™€๏ธ

What's possible?

The real question is... what isn't possible! If you are currently using our standard confirmations you will have noticed that there is locked content that you can't edit as this is where we pull through dynamic details such as the service name, customer name, start time etc. However with advanced communications you can decide what variables you want to show in the text and where. You can also set up multiple communication templates so that you are sending the customer email & SMS in their preferred language.

Variable dictionary

Variable name

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Booking label


Inputs the label which has been defined on the booking.

Booking location


Inputs the location which has been added to the booking.

Booking reschedule enabled


Will be true or false indicating whether customer rescheduling is enabled for this booking/service

Booking reschedule URL


The URL to the reschedule app allowing the customer to reschedule their booking

Booking resource description


Inputs the description for the resource who has been assigned to this booking.

Booking resource name


Inputs the name of the resource who has been assigned to the booking.

Booking start time


Inputs the start date and time for the booking.

Booking timezone abbreviation


Inputs the abbreviated timezone for the booking.



Inputs an array of bookings. Useful when you want to display all the bookings within a recurring series or if you want to bundle booking data together.

Business cancellation URL


Inputs a link that customers can click on to cancel their booking.

Booking cancellation URL enabled


Inputs true or false depending on whether or not you have turned on the setting to include a cancellation link in standard communications.

Business name


Inputs the name of the business.

Business payment request URL


Inputs a link that allows customers to pay for their booking when they click on it.

Customer booking invoice


Inputs the following data: payment lines, payment status, unit price quantity etc.

Customer booking invoice reference


Inputs the unique ID for the invoice for the customer.

Customer booking questions


Inputs the booking questions and answers that the customer inputted on the booking flow.

Customer custom fields


Inputs the customer's answers to your custom CRM questions.

Customer email


Inputs the customer's email.

Customer first name


Inputs the customer's first name

Customer full name


Inputs the customer's full name.

Customer last name


Inputs the customer's last name.

Customer mobile


Inputs the customer's mobile number.

Customer notes


Inputs any notes that the customer made during the booking flow.

Customer price points


Inputs the price points that the customer has selected when booking a multi-tiered service.

Customer tier name


Inputs the name of the tier that the customer selected when booking a multi-tiered service.

Customer timezone full


Inputs the timezone of the customer.

Customer total price


Inputs the total price of the customer's booking.

Customer total spaces


Inputs the total number of spaces the customer has taken on the booking.

Service category name


Inputs the category name that the service belongs to.

Service ID


Inputs the ID which is assigned to the service that has been booked.

Service name


Inputs the name of the service that has been booked.

Service payment enabled


Inputs the true or false depending on whether or not the service that has been booked has payment turned on.

Video conferencing link


Inputs the unique link generated for the customer to join their video meeting.

Video conferencing type name


Inputs the name of the video conferencing type that has been assigned to the service, for example Zoom Meetings, MS Teams, Zoom Webinars.

If you have any feedback or would like to request a new variable, we would love to know!๐Ÿ‘‚

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