How to use Appointedd SMS

Learn how to get access and how to use Appointedd SMS

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You can send your customers an automatic text message when they make a booking with you, when a booking is modified, cancelled, requested and declined. You can also send a reminder and follow up text to reduce no shows and promote repeat custom.

In order to send these texts, your Appointedd account needs to be connected to an SMS provider. We recommend that you utilise Appointedd's native integration with Twilio or MessageBird. However, if this is not an option for some reason, you can utilise Appointedd SMS (please note that registration is required if you wish to send SMS to the US and UK numbers).

You can learn more about Appointedd SMS pricing here.

How to get access

In order to start get started with Appointedd SMS, first you'll need access to be granted for your account. We have this in place to ensure that Appointedd SMS is used for genuine reasons such as the ones mentioned above.

Please note: Appointedd SMS is not available for those businesses who wish to send texts to US numbers or UK numbers. If you wish to send texts to US or UK numbers, we recommend using Twilio or MessageBird integrations.

In order to get access, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Connect tab within your Appointedd account

  2. Click Request access

    Our team will verify your business, and will get back to you within a maximum of few days. If you're granted access, you'll see the below:

  3. Once you have access, make sure you add a Send-from which will be used as the display name in texts sent on your behalf

  4. Also make sure you've got credits to cover any SMS sent via your Appointedd account. You can buy credits under Billing - more on this here

  5. Turn on appropriate automatic text messages and adjust SMS content if needed - more on this below


You can only have one SMS option connected at the time. If you'd like to utilise another SMS solution (Twilio or MessageBird), simply hit Disconnect. Your approval status will not change.

If you do need to disconnect, simply click on Disconnect and follow the flow.

Please note, if you don't have an SMS provider connected to your Appointedd account, you won't be able to send SMS via Appointedd.

Adding and modifying SMS content

Once you have a connection sorted, head to the Email & SMS tab within your Appointedd account to manage the content of any automatic SMS you'd like Appointedd to send.

  • You can send SMS confirmations for your bookings - learn how to set these up here

  • You can also send SMS as reminders or follow ups - read more on how to do this here

  • You also have the option to send direct SMS messages to your customers - more on this here

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