You can easily ask your end-users to upload files when making a booking via your Appointedd booking tools. Any such requests would appear in the booking questions section of the booking flow.

The accepted formats are: jpg, png, gif, pdf, doc, csv, docx, txt, xls, xlsx.

The maximum file size is 5MB.

Customers can upload 1 file per booking question, to a maximum of 10 attachments per booking.

How to set it up? 🛠️

Uploading an attachment is considered a ‘booking question’ in the Appointedd software. Therefore, this function is set up in the same way as a standard booking question.

Go to the Booking tools tab -> Customize your booking flow -> Booking questions:

Click on the the +Add a question button, a window will pop up where you can fill in the type of question, content, and general settings of the booking question.

In this case, you would select File attachment as your type and fill out the rest of the details as required.

We strongly recommend not asking end-users for any sensitive information. All attached files are encrypted at rest.

How will your customers attach their files? 🧷

Once the file attachment booking question is set up on your account, it will pull through to your booking flow. Therefore, when the end-user is making a booking, they will be prompted to upload attachments in the booking question section.

By clicking on the 'Select file' button, the customer will be asked to select files from their device.

If the selected file types are not supported or if they are too big, the system will display a warning message.

Once the files are uploaded and the customer confirms the booking, you can then view them from within your Appointedd account.

How to view attached files? 👀

If a booking has only one participant, you will be able to see the files by clicking on the booking from your calendar view and selecting 'View attachments'.

If a booking has multiple participants, click on the booking and the select Customers tab. Then click the three dots next to the specific customer and select ‘View attachments’.

You can then download the attachments to your device:

❗️Please note, just like any standard booking questions, the attachments will be visible to all users on all permission levels.

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