Add questions to be answered by text, checkbox or dropdown and have customers agree to terms and conditions. Even customise which questions should be asked for which service and which require an answer to continue and make a booking.

To add a question to your online booking tools, go to your online booking settings under the booking tools tab and scroll to the booking questions section.

How to add a question

  • Click add a question 
  • Select the type of answer you require - text, checkbox, dropdown or terms and conditions 
  • Enter the question or the URL for the T&Cs in the question field
  • For dropdown type, add in the answer options
  • Set whether an answer to this question should be required to continue in the booking process
  • Select whether this question should be asked for bookings made externally (by the customer, online), bookings made internally (by your staff at or all bookings
  • To apply this question to all services, select all services 
  • To apply this question to specific services, select those services
  • Click save changes.

Answers to questions are stored alongside the notes of that booking, in the notes tab. You can easily find any notes relating to a customer by going to the customer's record and clicking the bookings tab. Click view booking and the notes tab. To have info included in the customer record you need to use customer fields.

How to re-order booking questions

You can set the order in which you wish your questions to be displayed. To change the order, just click the three lines on the left of a question and drag it up or down.

Top tip:

If you're asking questions for bookings made externally (or all bookings), we suggest turning off the notes step of the online booking process. This will ensure that the booking process is quick and relevant. See more about notes here.

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