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How to customize your online booking process
How to customize your online booking process

Customize the online booking flow that your customers go through, by editing your online booking settings.

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With Appointedd, you can change the look and the flow of your online booking tools. To read more about changing the look of your online booking tools, click the relevant links below:

βš™οΈ How to change the booking flow

To edit the flow of your bookings tools, head to your bookings tools tab and click on customize your booking flow. There are nine settings that can impact your online booking flow.

The video below demonstrates the most comprehensive booking flow and which items/steps you can customize:

1. Online booking settings

By default, your account allows customers to book through your booking tools. If you don't want customers to book with you, turn this setting off.

In addition by default, your time slot reservation period is set to 7 minutes. If a customer does not complete the booking within that time, the time slot is "released" allowing another customer to book. The reservation period ranges from 4 minutes to 20 minutes.

2. Booking policies

Your booking policies allow you to set how much notice you require for a new booking and how far in advance you want your customers to book with you. Learn more about booking policies here.

3. Service and resource selection

By default, show prices is on. If your services don't have prices, we recommend turning this setting off. If left on, your booking tools will say the service is "free".

When you create a service, you can set service permissions. If a service is set to "Not bookable online" then you can decide what action should display to customers: call us or email us.

If you want customers be able to select the resource group they wish to book with (e.g. location, business department, team etc.) then turn on "allow customers to select their resource group".

If you want customers be able to select the resource they wish to book with (e.g. staff member, space, equipment etc.), then turn on "allow customers to select their resource". You can choose where you want this option to display in your booking flow: before availability or after availability.

If you have images attached to your resources, then you can display them to customers by turning "Show resource images on resource selection" on. If you think some customers won't mind which resource to choose from, then turn "Allow customers to select any" on.

4. Date and time

Appointedd's timezone functionality ensures that wherever your customers are in the world, they can see your availability in their timezone.

If you function across timezones, keep the "Default customer timezone in booking tools" to automatically detect. Learn more about timezones here.

Set the time increments in which you display your availability to your customers. Your available slots can show to customers every 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, On the hour, or they can match your calendar increments. Learn more about increments here.

You can customize the text which displays when there is no availability on your booking tools. Your bookings tools will automatically show the next available date, as long as the service is available within the calendar that's displayed. Taking a look at the example below, if it's June and your service isn't available until after 11th July, your bookings tools will display the message:

5. Customer details

If you require a phone number for the booking to be made, keep the setting "Mark phone number as a required field" on.

By default, "Allow notes to be added to online bookings" is off because it makes your booking flow quicker. We also suggest keeping this setting off if you have online booking questions as part of your booking flow.

6. Booking questions

To ensure that you have all of the information you need before a booking, you can ask the customer questions (including T&C's). Booking questions can be set up for each of your services and answers are stored alongside the notes of the booking. Learn more about booking questions here.

7. Your privacy policy

Enter the URL of your privacy policy to have this presented to the customer when they make their booking.

The privacy policy will be hyperlinked on the booking flow like this:

8. Confirmation

You can edit the text which displays when a booking is made. This text will appear at the last step of the booking process, under Your booking has been made.

This message will then appear on the confirmation screen:

9. Cancellations

If you want your customers to have the option to cancel in their confirmation emails then make sure "Allow participants to cancel bookings from confirmation and modified emails" is on.

You can set how much notice you require for a cancellation. The cancellation notice ranges from 13 minutes to 14 days. If a customer tries to cancel when the notice period has passed, they will be unable to and their booking will remain in your calendar.

If you have any questions about your booking flow, please get in touch with our online support team via the bottom right-hand side chat icon.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it πŸ‘‚

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