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Learn more about what service types are and what type of services are available to choose from within Appointedd.

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When you set up a new service you are offered 4 different type of services to choose from. One or the other might be more appropriate for the particular service that you're looking to set up. The settings on the service setup form will populate based on the type of service you choose to guide you through a smooth setup.

The 4 type of services that available are:

  1. Standard βš™οΈ

  2. Multi-part πŸ“š

  3. Multi-tier πŸ”Ί

  4. Event πŸ—“

Type of services explained

Below you'll find a table summarising the functionalities of the 4 different service types. You'll also find examples of which type might be suitable for certain service offerings but we do encourage you to apply these creatively to find the solution that works best for your business.

Standard βš™οΈ

Learn more about this type of service here

Single service

Allows for multiple durations

eg. Tax consultation with the option to choose 30 or 60 minute session; Group fitness class

Multi-part πŸ“š

Learn more about this type of service here

Allows for multiple sub services and gaps

Single overall duration and price

Can't be made recurring

eg. Hair styling appointment for cut, dye, and styling with breaks for processing in between - any service that requires sub services


Learn more about this type of service here

Single service

Single duration

Single or multiple price points for each tier

Can't be made recurring

eg. Soft play session with different pricing for each age group. Any service with child or adult prices, member and non-member pricing or single and group pricing

Event πŸ—“

Learn more about this type of service here

Single service

Single duration

Allows for recurring bookings to be set up

eg. Beauty masterclass - any 1:many services or events that would only happen at certain times

Please note: the type of a service cannot be changed once setup. To use a different service type, simply create a new service.

To learn more on how to set up and manage recurring bookings, please click here.

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