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🌟 Getting started 🌟
🌟 Getting started 🌟

Welcome to Appointedd! This guide will help you set up your account and get ready to take bookings.

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Watch the product tour πŸ‘€

To start, we recommend watching our quick 15-minute "Get started" video:

Setting up your account πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Follow along to set up your account step by step - expand and collapse the topics where needed by clicking on the expandable sections below:

1. Set up your business profile and business setting

You can add key business information to the business profile section on your account.

To adjust your business profile:

  • Go to Setup > Edit business profile;

  • Add the 'Business name' (as you would like customers to see it)

  • Address

  • Contact numbers

  • Business email address (this email will receive confirmation and cancellation notifications)

  • Send-from email address and name (this will appear on customer emails as the sender. Please note that to send emails from your domain, you will need to complete the domain authentication process)

  • Description about your business and profile images (only visible on business booking page - more information in Section 6)

  • Banner image (displays both on booking page and widgets - more information in section 6)

To adjust your business settings:

  • Go to Setup > Customize business settings > Adjust the calendar increments you want your calendar to display in, and set your prefereces for the following;

  • Timezone

  • Currency

  • Default booking view etc

2. Set up your calendars and working hours

Resources are the calendars of the people, spaces, or anything else that your customers will book time with (e.g. a specific consultant, team or even a room that your customers are looking to book).

  • To add new resources, go to the Setup tab > Manage resources > Add resource > fill out the information;

  • To edit existing resources, go to the Setup tab > Manage resources > View info > Edit resource > edit the information;

  • Adjust the working hours to control when your calendar is available for bookings and hit save working hours.

    You can read more about resource management here.

3. Set up your bookable services

Your services should be an appointment that your customers book, which your resources provide (e.g. a consultation call, personal shopping appointment, or a specific event).

  • To set up your services, go to the Setup tab > Manage services > Add service > fill out all the information about the service.

    A few of areas to pay attention when filling out the service information:

  • Category - you can group your services by specific categories

  • Occupancy and group bookings for public/private events

  • Resources that provide this service

  • Custom schedule - to add specific times when this service is available, otherwise it will default to resources' availability

  • Rescheduling options - to allow customers to reschedule and the reschedule notice

    More information about services can be found here.

4. Set up your automated messages

You can fully customize the automated email and SMS templates which are sent to your customers.

4.1. To set up emails

  • Go to the Email & SMS tab > Manage email confirmations > Turn on/off the automated emails you will need and Edit the relevant email templates.

  • To manage reminders and follow-ups, go to Email & SMS > Manage reminders & follow-ups to set them up according to your needs. Read more about them here.

    Please note that you can use our advanced communications feature to further customize your emails. By applying HTML code, you can add rules, colours, images, and much more.

4.2. To set up SMS

  • To send SMS, you need to connect to an SMS provider - Twilio.

  • To set up your SMS templates, go to the Email & SMS tab > Manage SMS confirmations to make changes. Learn more here.

  • You can also set up SMS reminders and follow-ups.

5. Set up your booking policies, booking questions, and notice periods

You can adjust some more granular settings to control your booking flow and booking experience.

  • Go to Booking tools > Customize your booking flow

  • Read through each settings and decide whether it would be relevant in your use case. We would suggest paying close attention to the below settings:

    1. Time for which booking is reserved

    2. Required notice for online bookings

    3. Block availability after

    4. Automatically detect customer's timezone in booking tools

    5. Booking questions

    6. Privacy policy

    7. Required notice for cancellations

6. Set up your booking tools to take bookings

Your bookings tools will be used by your business to allow your customers to make an appointment. It can either be a widget or a URL link, depending on how you wish to display and share your booking tools.

We have two different booking tools - a business booking page and booking widgets.

6.1. Business booking page:

  • Accessed and personalized via Booking tools > business booking page;

  • Only in a URL format

  • Displays all visible services

  • If required, displays some business information (opening hours, address, contact information)

  • Displays the business banner image (Setup > Edit business profile > Banner image)

  • Displays business description (Setup > Edit business profile > About your business)

Click here to learn more about the Booking Page.

6.2. Booking widgets:

  • Accessed and personalized via Booking tools > Manage booking widgets;

  • Available in Embed, Popover and URL formats

  • Possible to filter per resource, category or service to only show the relevant bookable services;

  • Possible to allow resource or resource group selection

  • Possible to allow multiple bookings with one transaction

  • You can choose two colours

  • Displays the business banner image (Setup > Edit business profile > Banner image)

Click here to learn more about Booking widgets.

7. Invite more users to access the account

You can invite more team members to gain access to the account and give them specific user permissions.

  • Go to Setup > Manage users and permissions

  • Click + Add user and fill out their name, surname, and email address

  • Select the permission level to be either:

    1. Admin - to gain full access to the account

    2. Standard - to gain full access apart from user management and billing

    3. Restricted - to be restricted to selected calendars, where they have booking management access only, meaning that they can't change any account settings. You can also give them an ability to manage their resource(s) working hours.

8. Connect other platforms via integrations(calendar sync, virtual, payments)

Check out our integrations to connect Appointedd to your external platforms via the Connect tab:

  1. Connect and sync your external calendar - learn more here

  2. Connect with a virtual meeting platform - Zoom or MS Teams

  3. Connect your payment provider if you are taking any payments during the booking flow - learn more here

  4. Use Zapier integration to connect any other external platforms to your Appointedd account - learn more here

  5. Connect your Facebook and Instagram to take bookings via your social media - learn more here

  6. Feel free to use our public API and webhooks whichever way you need it.

πŸŽ‰ You are all set! πŸŽ‰

Once you've gone over the above settings and everything is in place, it's time to test the booking flow, make some test booking and familiarise yourself with booking management.

You can then start exploring some other more advanced functionalities such as promo codes, reporting, account duplication, etc. You may also be interested in the below:

Do you need further help? 🀨

If you're still unsure, no problem! Our team of experts are always here to help. You have full access to our 24/7 online support team! Get in touch at anytime via the blue chat icon on the bottom right-hand side of your screen, and you’ll be guided through the set-up process step-by-step to add the essential information to your account.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it πŸ‘‚

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