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All about the multi-part service

Multi-part services are services made up of more than one part, each with its own duration.

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🧐 What is a multi-part service

A service is what you provide to your customers and allow them to book, which is made up of multiple sub-services within.

Customers will not be able to see the multi-parts - they will simply book one service for the whole duration. However, the way it's displayed on your Appointedd calendar will be different - you will clearly see the different service parts.

If you'd rather create a standard or multi-tier service check out the support article here.

βš™οΈ How to create a multi-part service

To create a multi-part service:

  • Hover over the Setup tab and select Services;

  • Click Add service;

    In the Basic details section:

  • Give a name to your service and allocated it to a particular category;

  • If you wish, you can also add a service description and upload a service image;

  • Include the location where your service will take place if this is relevant. The location will show in the calendar event of your confirmation emails, not in the content. Learn more about calendar events.

    In the Type of service section:

  • Under service type, select Multi-part. Learn more about types of services here

  • Set the maximum number of customers that can attend this service at one time

  • Select whether multiple parties can join group bookings or not

  • Set a limit for maximum number of spaces a customer can book online

  • Under Service parts

    • For parts of the service where you are required for that customer, you should add a service part so that period of time is unavailable to be booked by another customer

    • Name the blocked service part with what is required for that part of the service e.g Colour Application

    • Set the duration of this part of the service

    • Click Create part to save

    • For parts of the service where you can complete another task, you should add a Gap so that you are available to be booked for other services

    • Click add another service part and repeat for as many part as required

    • You can shuffle the service parts into the correct order by utilising the arrows

    • Once all done, you'll see something like this:

  • Set the price for the service as a whole taking into account all parts of the multi-part service

  • To offer virtual services you need to connect Appointedd to a video conferencing system. Appointedd has a native integration with Zoom and MS Teams.

  • To take payments online you need to connect Appointedd to one of our payment providers. By doing so, an option called payments will appear in your services. You can choose to take full payment or a deposit and make the payment optional (if you wish). Learn more about how to take payments online

In the Availability section:

  • Select the resource(s) that provide this service (Learn more about resources and resource allocation)

  • To ensure you have the available equipment or area for the service to take place, you may want to add assets. By doing so, the option assets will appear in your services. You can choose the asset that should be assigned to the service in order to prevent getting double booked. Learn more about assets here

  • Set buffer times before and after the service. Learn more about buffers

In the Online booking settings section:

  • Choose the permissions of the service which allows you to control how your customers book this service.

  • Configure any rescheduling options.

Don't forget to hit Save service.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it πŸ‘‚

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