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How to display your availability on your booking tools
How to display your availability on your booking tools

Follow this guide to help you set up your availability and ensure that bookings can be made

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Have you entered your availability into Appointedd, but the correct dates and times aren't displaying on your booking tools? Don't worry! There are 7 possible reasons for this.

Follow the checklist below to find the solution! πŸͺ„

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A resource is a bookable calendar

Ensure you've set the correct working hours under Setup > Manage resources.

Keep these three tips in mind:

  • Add your availability, not unavailability

  • Verify your timezone

  • Double check your use of am and pm - 01:00pm vs 01:00am!

Office 365, Google, Apple, iCloud, Outlook

Have you synced an external calendar to Appointedd? An event in your external calendar might be blocking the date and time from showing in Appointedd.

Simply delete the event from your external calendar, and the date and time should appear!

3) Existing bookings in Appointedd

Do you have an existing booking in your Appointedd calendar that's blocking your availability?

If you think a resource should be available for an appointment, it might already have a booking at that date and time.

A custom schedule allows you to apply a specific date and time for a service

Check if you have added a custom schedule to your service under Setup > Manage services.

Look for a little calendar icon next to your service, indicating the custom schedule is ON.

Click on the calendar icon and check the following:

  • Is the custom schedule empty? If so, the service will not be bookable. Please add dates and times to make the service available.

  • Are the dates and times entered correctly? Remember to consider the three tips, like the resources!

  • Are the dates and times within the availability of your resource working hours? You cannot set a service schedule that is outside the availability of your working hours.

By ensuring these details are correct, your service will be ready for booking!

There are various booking settings that could impact the dates and times showing. You'll find these settings under Booking tools > Customize your booking flow.

Check the following:

  • Are customers allowed to make bookings with you through your booking tools? Ensure this is turned ON.

  • Are you making the booking within the required notice period? For example, if you require 30 minutes notice, you cannot book any sooner.

  • Are you trying to book the service too far in advance? Double check your block availability after setting.

6) Assets

An asset that is required in order to make an appointment possible to take place.

Are you using assets?

Check if the asset needed for the service is already being utilized at that time.

Controls the number of bookings held at any one time

Do you have capacity flex turned ON?

If you've reached the maximum booking capacity across all your resources and services, no additional spaces can be filled.

Please send us a chat message or email if you are still unable to display your availability.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it πŸ‘‚

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