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Learn all you need to know on how to take bookings for calls through your Appointedd account.

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Appointedd partners with many business that use online booking for the purpose of taking calls. Whether you wish to offer customer's demos, consultation calls, video calls, or support calls, Appointedd offers a simple solution.

Getting started


A resource (also known as a bookable calendar) should be set up first so that you have someone to facilitate your bookings. In most call booking use cases, we find that clients have representatives within their business who take calls. If this is the case, your resource should be the name of this person. You can manage your resources here, and learn all about resources here. The number of resources you add, also represents the number of calls that you can take at any one point in time. We recommend that you turn on resource confirmations so that your representatives get a notification when a new booking is made with them. You can also send booking confirmations to your customer's from your representatives email address so that they receive a personalised experience, and if they respond, the correct representative will receive it. You can turn this on here.


In most call booking use cases, business create standard services within Appointedd. You can learn all about how to add a standard service here. You can add as many services as you need and we recommend adding a different service per call type to make it clear to customers what they are booking.

Setting up your communications


You can set up email notification for every transaction a customer has with a booking. You can edit these emails so that they are branded to your business and add HTML headers and footers. Learn more about editing emails here.


You can also set up SMS communications if you would like to send texts to customers when the make a booking etc. You can set this up here and learn all about SMS notifications here. Not many businesses who use Appointedd to book calls use the SMS notifications however they can be great for businesses who predominately converse with their customers through SMS rather than email.

Reminders and follows up

From our experience, we would highly recommend that you use our reminders and follow ups feature as this can help reduce no shows and drive the goal you are looking to achieve from offering calls. For example, if you are offering product demo calls, you can send a reminder a couple of hours before the call to remind the customer that it is coming up and to resend the Zoom link so that it is at the top of their inbox. Once the call is over an automatic follow up can be sent to the customer with links to purchase the product you were demoing or a link to book another call. You can set up reminders and follow ups here, and learn all about them here.

Setting up your online booking tools

Depending on how you would like customers to book with you will depend on which of the following solutions will work best.

Booking Page

Your Booking Page is a unique website where customers can book all of your services from. If you click on Booking tools and select go to the business Booking page, you can view your Booking Page and copy the URL to share with customers. You can learn all about editing your Booking Page here.

Booking widgets

If you have your own website and would prefer customers to book with you from there you can do so by using booking widgets. To create a booking widget, please go to Booking tools and select Manage booking widgets. You can filter your booking widgets to show the services you wish and specify which resource's availability you want to display. We offer two different types of widget. The embedded widget which you can learn all about here, and a popover book now button widget here.

Customize your booking flow

You can customise your booking flow to to gather the information you require from customers. To do so please go to Booking tools and click on Customize your booking flow. You may wish to add a required notice period so that customer's have to give you enough time in advance of a booking. This will allow your representatives to be properly prepared and offer the customer a personalised experience. You may also wish to add booking questions to gather information on what the customer wishes to discuss before the call.

Integrations you may be interested in

Calendar sync

You can sync your call representatives external calendar to their resource in Appointedd. By doing so, any events, such as meetings, in their external calendar will be copied over to Appointedd and vice versa. The benefit of doing so is to ensure that you don't become double booked. You can sync calendars or send invites to sync here as well as alter any settings that may be applicable to your business. Learn all about calendar sync here.

Zoom and MS Teams

If you wish to offer your customers face to face calls you may want to use our Zoom or MS Teams integration. Once the integration has been set up, any service which have Zoom/MS Teams assigned to them will include a virtual meeting link in the booking confirmation email to customers. If you have synced your reps calendars with Appointedd, the virtual meeting link can be found in the event for ease.

Here at Appointedd, we use the Zoom integration for our demo calls as this allows us to see our clients and share our screen when giving the live demo.

Learn more about our Zoom integration here.

Learn more about our MS Teams integration here.

How to manage your account

Day to day use

Every time a customer makes a booking with one of your call representative it will populate in the Appointedd calendar and in the resource's own personal calendar if you have synced them. The representative can then click on the booking either in the Appointedd calendar or external calendar to get the customer's name and contact details.

User logins and permissions

Whilst your call representatives are resources on Appointedd, they do not need to have a user login should you not wish them to have access to the account. If you sync their external calendar with Appointedd then all new bookings will automatically populate on their calendar - there will be no need for them to login. However, if you would like them to login and see the account you can do so here. Learn all about the different permission levels here.

How to measure success

Reporting suite

If you want to quantify the value you're getting from Appointedd you can use our reporting suite to gain an insight. You can see the reporting suite in your account here and learn all about reports here. You may wish to use reports to see how many bookings each of your call representatives (resources) are getting weekly, what their cancellation rate is, how successful your booking widget is performing and which call types (services) are being booked most frequently.

Example booking tools

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