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Office space industry guide

Learn all you need to know on how to take bookings for spaces within your office.

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Appointedd partners with many organisations that use our booking tools to allow customers, clients and employees to book space. Whether you are looking to make meeting rooms or desk space bookable or desk space bookable Appointedd provides a simple solution.

Getting started


Here at Appointedd, we call bookable calendars resources and they are the person or space which facilitates the services you offer. If you are booking out office space, desks or meeting rooms, then these should be your resources. You can manage your resources here, and learn all about resources here.


Most commonly, businesses that are using Appointedd to make spaces bookable will use standard services. For example you may offer a service called "30 minute meeting" and allocate all of your resources (meeting rooms) to it so that a room is randomly allocated. Or if your meeting rooms have names, you may wish to give customers the choice of which room they book. In which case, you can allocate all resource options to the service and then turn on resource selection on the booking flow. If you are making desks available for booking, you can create an open group booking service and make the occupancy the number of desks you have on offer. If you offer meeting rooms or desks at different prices depending on whether the "customer" is an employee or out with your organisation, this can be managed through our multi-tier service.

Setting up your communications


You can set up email notifications for every transaction a customer or employee has with a booking. You can edit these emails so that they are branded to your business and add HTML headers and footers. Learn more about editing emails here. This can provide clarity and summarises the details of the booking so that there is no confusion.


You can also set up SMS communications if you would like to send texts to customers and employees when the make a booking etc. You can set this up here and learn all about SMS notifications here. If you are already sending out email communications or if it is not customary for your business to send SMS you may not wish to utilise this feature.

Reminders and follow ups

Our reminders and follow-ups feature allows you to send a reminder email to customers and employees at a specified timescale before their booking. This can ensure that people don't forget they have this booking or give them the option to cancel so another person can make use of that time slot. A follow-up may not be appropriate for employees, however if you are offering space to people out with your organisation, you may wish to send a follow up to say thanks and promote repeat custom. You can set up reminders and follow ups here, and learn all about them here.

Setting up your online booking tools

Booking Page

Your Booking Page is a unique website where customers and employees can book all of your services from. If you click on Booking tools and select go to the business Booking Page, you can view your Booking Page and copy the URL to share with them. You can learn all about editing your Booking Page here.

Booking widgets

If you would like your employees to make bookings through your business' intranet you can create a booking widget and add it to your website. You can either do this as an embedded widget or a popover widget (book now button). You can follow the same process if you would like to offer your services to people out with your organisation by adding widgets to your website.

Customize your booking flow

You can customize your booking flow to create a streamlined process for you and your customers/ employees. If you are only offering these services to employees, you can remove the price from the booking flow as there is no need to display a value of 0. You may also want to make the mobile number field optional if you are not planning to send SMS to your customers/ employees. You can add booking questions to the flow if you would like to gather any specific information from the person who is booking, for example "What department are you from?", or if you are offering desk space you may wish to ask "Are you experiencing any illness symptoms?".

Integrations you may be interested in

Calendar sync

If your office spaces have had their own calendar previously, then you may wish to sync this with Appointedd so that you don't have to manually add all existing bookings to Appointedd. You can learn how to sync your external calendar here.

Payment providers

If you want to charge people out with your organisation for booking space in your office or building, you can do so at the time of booking by integrating your account with a payment provider. Appointedd integrates with Stripe and Square and you can either charge the payment in full or a deposit. Learn all about taking payments here.

How to manage your account

Day to day use

Once your account is set up and people are making booking, these bookings will begin to appear on the Appointedd calendar. The beauty of Appointedd is that once it's set to your needs, it can manage itself in the background.

User logins and permissions

We would not recommend that every employee has access to your account as this would not be necessary. Instead you can share with them the booking tools you create and they can make bookings from there. If you choose this option, the only people who will need access to Appointedd are those who set up and own the system within your organisation. Learn all about setting up a user login and the permissions you can assign to it here.

How to measure success

Reporting suite

If you want to quantify the value you're getting from Appointedd you can use our reporting suite to gain an insight. You can see the reporting suite in your account here and learn all about reports here. You may wish to know which rooms are being booked most, which customers/ employees are are using the meeting rooms most frequently, what the most popular duration of booking people are selecting, or how much money room bookings is making your business.

If you aren't satisfied that Appointedd isn't providing you with the value or success you set out to achieve, please get in touch with our customer success team and we would be more than happy to suggest innovative ways you can use your account to drive success. You can get in touch via our 24/7 messenger.

Example booking tools

Hear what others had to say

Hudson House Business Centre was looking for a room booking system to replace their phone- and email-based process. Since using Appointedd, they have seen a significant increase in bookings for their meeting rooms while improving convenience for staff and clients alike. You can read the full story here.

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