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Learn all there is to know about setting up Appointedd for your business.

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Whether you are looking for a booking software for your landscape architecture company, your medical practice, or your accounting business, Appointedd will provide a solution.

Getting started


A resource (also known as a bookable calendar) should be set up first so that you have someone to facilitate your bookings. In many use cases, we find that companies have employees within their business who take calls. If this is the case for you, then your resource should be named after this/those employee(s). You can manage your resources here, and learn all about resources here. We recommend that you turn on resource confirmations so that your representatives get a notification when a new booking is made with them.

You can also send booking confirmations to your customers from your employees' email address to provide them with a personalised experience and, should they respond, the correct representative will be able to get back to them. You can turn this on here.


In your case, standard services may be the the best option, especially if you are using Appointedd to take calls. You can learn all about how to add a standard service here. You can add as many services as you need and we recommend create a different service per type of call so that customers know what they are booking.

Setting up your communications


You can set up email notifications for every booking made by a customer. These emails' design can be edited and branded to your business through HTML headers and footers. You can find out more about editing emails here. These provide a confirmation of the booking and summarise its details so that there is no confusion.


If you would like to send text messages to your customers in addition to emails, you can set up a text for booking notifications. If you usually communicate through SMS, this may seem like the more natural choice. You can learn all about SMS bundles and how they work here.

Reminders and follows up

We highly recommend that you make use of our reminders and follow-ups functionality for your business. By sending a reminder before the booking and a follow-up afterwards, you'll be able to reduce no-shows and drive repeat custom. For example, if you are offering consultation calls, you can send the customer an email and/or SMS a few hours prior to the booking to remind them it is coming up soon, and then a follow up afterwards to thank them for attending and inviting them to book again. You can set up reminders and follow ups here, and learn all about them here.

Setting up your online booking tools

Booking Page

If you don't have a website for you business, you can use your Booking Page instead. This is a unique Appointedd created website where your clients can book your services from. If you head to Booking tools and select Go to the business Booking Page, you can view your Booking Page and copy the URL to share with them. You can learn all about editing your Booking Page here.

Booking widgets

If you already have your own website and would like your customers to book with you from there, you can do so by using our booking widgets. To create a booking widget, please go to Booking tools and select Manage booking widgets. You can customise the booking widgets to show the services you wish and specify which resources' availability to display. We offer two different types of widget - an embedded widget which you can learn all about here, and a popover book now button widget here.

Online booking settings

You can customise your booking flow to create a streamlined process for you and your customers. You may wish to make use of the block availability after feature to set how far in advance customers can book with you. If you have multiple instructors offering the same services, you may want to allow your customers to choose which instructor they would like to book with. Additionally, you may also want to ask questions on the booking flow to gather all the information necessary to carry out the booking for example, "Previous experience?".

Integrations you may be interested in

Calendar sync

You can sync your resources' external calendar to their account in Appointedd. This way, any events in their external calendar will be copied over to Appointedd and vice versa. This will ensure that they do not end up double booked. You can sync calendars or send invites to sync here, as well as alter any settings that may be applicable to your business. Learn all about calendar sync here.

Zoom and MS Teams meetings

To offer your services virtually, you may also wish to make use of our Zoom or MS Teams integration.
Learn more about our Zoom integration here.

Learn more about our MS Teams integration here.

How to manage your account

Day to day use

Once you have set up your account to fit your needs and started to take bookings, the calendar page in Appointedd will start displaying all your bookings. When a representative has a call, they can login to Appointedd and click on the session in their calendar, where they will be able to see the customer's details. They'll also be able to use our status feature to keep a record of everyone who has attended.

User logins and permissions

If your call representatives are resources on Appointedd, they do not need to have a user login should you not wish them to have access to the account. If you sync their external calendar with Appointedd, then all new bookings will automatically populate their calendar.

However, if you would like them to login and access the account, you can do so here. Learn all about the different permission levels here.

How to measure success

Reporting suite

Appointedd allows you to gain insight into how your business is doing via the reporting suite. You may wish to understand who/which department is getting the most bookings, which services are most popular, how much money is being generated through online bookings and which of your booking widgets is performing best. You can find the suite in your account here and learn all about reports here.

If you aren't satisfied with what you are getting out of Appointedd you would like to reach the success you set out to achieve, please get in touch with our support team via our 24/7 messenger.

Example booking tools

Click here to see a Booking Page.

Click here to see a booking widget.

Interested in using Appointedd?

If you like what you've seen and think Appointedd could help power your business, please feel free to explore our functionality by signing up to a free trial.

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