To add an exception to a resource's normal working hours, navigate to the working hours of that resource:

  • Click on the your business tab and click resources

  • Click working hours for the required resource

Under exceptions to normal working hours:

  • Select a date

  • Select a start time and end time

  • Select a timezone if necessary

  • Click add exception. 

Please note that exceptions to normal working hours over-ride all working hours for that day. So, if someone is working three hours later one evening, enter the exception as the total hours they will be working that day, not just the three additional hours. For example, a resource normally works 6 hours on a Monday, but will be working 3 more hours as a one off on Monday 29th Jan. Enter 9 hours for that exception.

Top tip: No more time-zone maths! This feature is used to manage the working hours of resources who travel across time-zones seamlessly, so you can keep your business running during trips abroad for you and your staff.

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